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With a team of trained professionals, we leverage our expertise and skill to provide the building blocks to assess, train, and create tools based on proven sales and marketing best practices to help companies achieve a world class selling organization.

We work with all types of companies, verticals, geographies, and simple to complex sales cycles.

Since 1992, MKH Associates has been a licensed business partner of the Solution Selling® methodology. Developed and perfected since 1983, this methodology is used by over one million sales professionals worldwide,  Solution Selling® offers a strong set of core best practices and a framework that has achieved and evolved as one of the most consistent results-driven global methodologies in sales training.

Over the years, research continues to prove that the process of how buyers buy has not changed over the years. What has changed is their methods and how they engage with today’s salesperson.

Solution Selling® focuses on helping sales professionals build a problem solver/trusted advisor relationship with buyers to help them solve business issues by aligning selling skills to guide the buyer through the buy cycle to a decision. The result is that the customer becomes convinced that the seller best understands their business problems and has the best solution to fix it.

Sales Methodologies

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The MKH team brings extensive knowledge and situational expertise in helping companies transform their sales team. We leverage power and proven expertise to help maximize the skill and resources of sales and marketing by providing a framework with a foundation enabling our client to:

  • Optimizes the talents of the sales team
  • Create a culture that resets the sales team so everyone is on the same page
  • Grows “wallet share” of existing accounts while bringing on new accounts
  • Trains and educates on a continual and blended learning approach to increase adoption
  • Works with leadership and mid-level management on communication and support with a cadence

The result is predictable and measurable growth measured in revenue and profitability.

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Sales and marketing must work in concert. The messaging and strategy that marketing executes must send the right message to the right customer. If the teams are not aligned then most efforts are siloed, redundant and futile. Ensuring that marketing is in sync with the sales process is key to ensuring success. We provide best practices to align both teams so that by working together they can shorten the sell cycle, reduce the cost of the sale and bring more wins to the company.

Sales Transformation

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