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Solution SellingC-Level Executives:
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We have helped other C-Level Executives who were struggling with:

  • Difficulty expanding into new markets

Expanding into new markets can be difficult without a plan. Often we see companies who have done an excellent job in researching and validating why they should expand, but lack the tactical plan on how. Without a clear plan that encompasses all of the departments involved, the message can be blurred and inconsistent resulting in a confused prospect not understanding who you are and how you can help them. Very often, we see that marketing and sales are out of sync. The result is that often marketing appeals to one group of people, often end users and sales must connect with decision makers on business issues that show value for your products and services. We work with companies to align the efforts of sales and marketing to ensure that you are connecting with the right people who see value and can buy the products and services you sell.

  • Meeting board / ownership expectations

When meeting with a board or ownership group, expectations are high. They want to know that the leadership team is making the right decisions. Often the inability to accurately forecast the business can have serious consequences that may question leadership strategies. We work with companies to help drive a culture with a common language with sales processes and management  systems  that improve the accuracy and credibility of the leadership team.

  • Declining revenue and profitability margins

There are many reasons why a company sees a decline in revenue and profitability margins. One of the most common is because the markets have become more competitive and in order to win business, deeper discounts and terms are offered to close the business. This practice is used quite often and buyers have gotten better at negotiating.  We have been able to help our customers minimize or move away from discounting to get the business. Once a seller knows why the customer is asking for a discount, it becomes much easier to move away from using a discount as an incentive to close.

  • Poor Cash Flow

The ability to accurately forecast revenue is a challenge for most companies. The challenge lies with the level of confidence the sales rep has in knowing for sure that the customer is going to buy when they say they are. If that business has been forecasted to close within a certain month or quarter, and it does not, that can have a significant impact on cash flow if it has been forecasted. Many companies have sophisticated systems in place to help but most times it just falls to “ gut instinct.”  We work with companies to help drive a culture with a common language with sales processes and management systems that can be  used across the organization improve the accuracy and credibility of a revenue forecast.

  • High cost of sales

We see many reasons for the high cost of sales. One of the most common reasons has to do with qualifying that the opportunities the sales team is spending their time and resources on are the opportunities that have the greatest potential to result in a win. We have helped our clients deal with this issue by implementing some key steps early on in the sales cycle that will validate the sellers are engaged with the right opportunities and resources are well invested to increase win odds.