“MKH Associates helped VMC to achieve our goals of realigning and resetting our business development team. This has helped us to transform not just our sales approach, but has enabled us to instill an ethos across our entire organization to focus on building solutions that truly augment our client’s success. MKH are a true partner to VMC, their expertize, candor, professionalism, consultative approach and ongoing support have helped us build the bedrock that we believe will sustain our continued success in Solution Based Sales.”

Ben Wibberley
Director, Business Development


“I have been working with the MKH Associates team for several years to help our company grow our customer base by improving our close ratio resulting in an increase in revenues. We have learned how to build and apply strategy and a plan to engage with prospects and move with them through the buying process to a decision in our favor. One of our greatest successes has been learning how to qualify an opportunity on whether it is winnable, what our competitive advantage is, and if it is a good fit for our business. This has resulted in an 80%+ close ratio in opportunities we have pursued and engaged in where we have gone the distance. Our success has placed us as a top VAR for Accumatica and secured several large projects that have doubled our annual revenue.”

Cliff Hall

Sales Training

FAST Global Solutions, Inc.

“As the CEO and President of a design and manufacturing company of ground support equipment for the aircraft industry, we began to see a major change in how our customers were purchasing. Through mergers and acquisitions, our customer base began to shrink and selling on value became more important that selling on price.  I brought Mary Kay and her team in to help us adjust our selling principles to be more consultative and focused on helping our customers be more successful in their businesses so they saw our sales team as being trusted advisors to their business.  Our sales team has worked with MKH Associates for several years and have applied principles that has delivered double-digit growth and multi-year contracts that have positioned us to gain market dominance.”

Dane Anderson, Owner / President & CEO
FAST Global Solutions, Inc.

Sales Transformation