I have had the opportunity to engage with Mary Kay on several occasions to deliver sales training to a global team. Her expertise and professionalism along with her dynamic deliver style always has everyone engaged and actively participating. She has the unique ability to touch people on all levels so that they want to proactively participate. Working with Mary Kay is always a pleasure!

Kathryn Hughes, Sales Enablement Director

I have partnered with Mary Kay over the past several years facilitating and delivering sales training and sales development programs. Mary Kay was always my first request as a program lead. Mary Kay’s expertise and approach are far more reaching than fundamental solution selling. She brings to the forefront the skills, knowledge, and application of the principles to draw out the needs of the business including needs not yet recognized. The power behind these discussions opens doors to capabilities and opportunities far beyond the “product”. I have experienced tangible results as a participant of her teaching and coaching, and witnessed the significant impact that her guidance has had on others. Mary Kay skillfully enables behavior changes within the sales organization which translates into more meaningful interactions with clients.

Eric Vanderveen, Corporate Training at Homesite Insurance

If you want to generate more revenue and transform your sales organization’s go to market strategy, Mary Kay has what you need. Mary Kay has the unique ability to get right to the root of the issue and help your sales organization utilize unique tools to transform the way you communicate the value of your solutions and create lasting relationships with your clients. Whether you need Sales Management coaching, analysis, and tools or a proven process for closing more deals, you’ll love her approach and see real results quickly.

Helen Talmadge, Sales Trainer and Consultant

I had the distinct pleasure of having Mary Kay provide a 3 day training to our sales team and I was completely blown away with how she commanded the room. It’s not easy holding sales people captive for 1 day let alone 3, but Mary Kay’s engaging and interactive approach had us all completely bought into her teachings. We learned, we laughed, we role played and I can safely say that after nearly 30 years in the sales profession, this was one of the most interactive and complete training sessions I’ve been involved with. Mary Kay has a gift for teaching that she needs to share with the masses. Thank you Mary Kay!

Salik Rahman, VP of Sales, Professional Growth at Frontline Education

I would recommend Mary Kay to any organization looking to improve their sales team’s performance in a complex selling environment. Her in-depth knowledge of solution sales was flawlessly delivered to our medical software sales team at Vitera Healthcare in 2012. The knowledge I gained from Mary Kay’s processes certainly helped me land two large sales contracts in 2012 that secured my #1 outside sales ranking. Thanks, Mary Kay for providing such a positive career influence!

Amy Looper, Sales Director at Cyber Defense Group

I highly recommend the Certainty Selling® methodology and specifically recommend Mary Kay as a professional Selling consultant and trainer. In working with Mary Kay to customize a consultative sales training program, she was able to quickly understand the nuances of an unfamiliar industry and to then apply selling principles in a way that was both helpful and relevant. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage in her training services again.

Phil O’ Toole, Director Product and Content

I met Mary Kay early in my career as a Sales Account Manager. Her expertise and passion for the selling process have stuck with me throughout 10 years of selling. I am very grateful for having learned from such a professional who herself employs the techniques she teaches. This selling process has enabled me to develop pain, overcome objections and become a highly successful account manager with the skill set required to manage, develop and close business. I highly recommend Mary Kay to any organization looking to develop a consistent sales methodology and enable their sales force to unlock their true potential.

Jason N. Sturm RCIS, RCES, Clinical Product Specialist

While planning an especially challenging GTM initiative, I was referred to Mary Kay by someone I trust. Her sales process expertise and vast experience allowed us to pick a direction and get moving quickly. She maintained direction and delivered the process and resources we needed. I now recommend her with the same level of enthusiasm with which she had been referred to me.

Mike Paradis, Founder & CEO at Demand Chain

May Kay is a great person with exceptional communication skills. She has helped me to work through many of the kinks we all experience as business owners. Mary Kay has a wealth of knowledge and experience which I found to be very helpful to me! If you are in need of improving any aspect of your business operation, Mary Kay is the right person for you!

Scott Wells, President at SCGT, INC.

I was first directed to Mary Kay Hauer as a reference from a sister company; I was skeptical. A telephone introduction led to [face to face] meeting. I was most impressed.

Mary Kay is clearly an expert in selling. She understood our business and readily appreciated our challenges. She helped us visualize a compelling roadmap for our journey. Her guidance has been strategically sound, her execution excellent. I have used Mary Kay not only to begin the journey but to also maintain the journey. She has helped us create reliable, predictable outcomes. I highly recommend Mary Kay.

Erik Betz, Vice President Architecture, Platforms and Data at Shell

I first engaged Mary Kay to perform sales training in 2003. I had heard about her while I was selling for a Microsoft Business Solutions Partner and was impressed by the robustness of her process. I had been buying sales training as a sales manager since the mid-80s and her approach was the most practicable I had ever seen. Deeply knowledgeable, Mary Kay and her assistants nonetheless made the training fun. After four days we were able to execute techniques to uncover real personal as well as corporate motives and construct our best solutions that would relieve a client’s pain. I have had Mary Kay speak at the Library to our clients and she has shown the business owners who attended her talks the benefit of modeling your sales process on the buyer’s buying process. Mary Kay is a model of the high performance, high integrity businesswoman who both can capture the respect of Fortune 100 Vice Presidents and yet can make $20 million dollar business owners feel respected. She is my model of a great listener and a great teacher.

Jim Poole, Employer Relations at Metropolitan State University

Mary Kay has been an invaluable member of my “board of directors”. Her ideas and counsel are sought out whenever we need thoughtful and practical advice. From CEO advisor to trainer, she has done it all for our company.

I would highly recommend that you get to know her so you can have the same experience that I have had.

Glenn Younger, President at Grah Security

I have worked with Mary Kay for over 10 years and I have been very pleased with the progress she helped me achieve while mentoring me in the sales process as well as prospecting. She has exquisite vision both tactically and strategically, and her vast experience that she has shared with me and my team has helped us gain solid improvements from every session. Delightful, easy-going and very easy to understand are some of the main qualities that she blends with her sales expertise. I will keep working with Mary Kay until the day I retire. She always impacts the bottom line in a positive way and I am more than grateful that we have and will continue to work together.

Cliff Hall, Founder and CEO of Cortekx

Mary Kay Hauer was instrumental in equipping myself and our team to climb out of the “economic meltdown” post 2008.

There are no shortages of excuses why sales numbers are down and the “go to” excuse always seems to be “we lost on price”.

Not only is this mindset limiting, it sheds light on the real issue, which is all too often a lack of understanding the buying process. The buying process is common to us all, regardless if it’s a mattress, car or entrusting a vendor with a million dollar contract. The key for Sales is to know how to align with buyers and how to uncover where the buyer is in their decision making process.

When we can align with the buyers, understand their challenges and how these challenges impact other areas of the business we differentiate ourselves, build trust and clearly demonstrate value and TCO. We can pro-actively deal with the hurdles that come later in the buying process and we can begin to quantify the value of our solutions.

In 2008 I was the COO of a San Diego 3PL / logistics firm. Anyone who knows the space knows transportation is a commodity but we were successful in selling our way out of a situation we couldn’t “cut our way out of”

From 2017 to 2020 I was the COO of an industrial manufacturer and once again, turned to Mary Kay to equip my Sales Team.

Thank you Mary Kay Hauer for your professionalism and desire to help people win!

#sales #winning #thankyou

Matthew Behrendt, Chief Operating Officer at IdeaPros®



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